Useful informations

The details set out below are intended to advise you on best practice when with us and give you an idea of what you can to expect in Montenegro and with company of Exciting Montenegro. In any case, if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This cost is always part of the stated price, whether it is in hotels, motels, lodges. We try to choose the accommodation that offers the best combination of convenient location and atmosphere, to be clean and cozy.

Adventure guides

As well as accommodation, in every tour is included adventure guide who is with you all the time.


All basic communal equipment is supplied by us. A full clothing/equipment list will be sent out to you on booking.


Food is always included in our price. Provisions are normally based on fresh local food.

Group size

Our trips are based on a minimum of 2 participants and up to 8 is usually the maximum, but it is also possible to organize tours for up to 16 participants. We can also run adventures for a single person where they agree to cover the costs of 2 participants.


A detailed itinerary will be sent to you on booking, or on special request. Local weather, politics, transport, or a host of other uncontrollable factors can mean a change in itinerary. It is very unlikely that an itinerary would be substantially altered, but if this is necessary your guide will decide the best alternative in consultation with the group.

Passports & Visas

UK and all EU passport holders do not need a visa to enter Montenegro and can stay for up to 90 days. Many other passports do not require visas either but please consult the travel rules prior to your booking.

Personal spending money

This is only needed for any extra drinks that you may require or any other personal costs. The valid currency in Montenegro is Euro. Note that is not always possible to pay with card so our recommendation is to take some cash for your personal costs


Montenegro has two international airports. If you are flying from the UK you can fly directly to Podgorica, the capital or Tivat on the coast. Alternatively you can fly to Dubrovnik in neighbouring Croatia or Tirana in Albania, but you will need to cross the border to join our holiday.

For any additional information related to this or not contained in this document, be free contact us by email.