Wood Rafting

Special offer of most attractive journey in Montenegro! Globally unique!

There are not many places in the World where you can enjoy timber rafting and there is definitely not more beautiful place than Tara river canyon!
This tour is performed by our cousins and friends who are pioneers of this kind of activity in Montenegro and they are fully certified for this activity with more than 30 years of experience and they know very well every corner of river and canyon which guarantee safety and full enjoyment in every moment!

Wood rafting, also known as log rafting or timber rafting, is a historical method of transporting logs or timber downstream using rafts made of logs. This traditional practice was commonly employed in the past to move large quantities of logs from forests to mills or other destinations.

Wood rafting typically involved binding logs together using various techniques, such as lashing them with ropes or attaching them with wooden pegs. The resulting raft would then be floated down a river or other body of water, with workers guiding and maneuvering it using poles or oars.

Timber rafting was an important industry in many regions with abundant forests and rivers, such as North America and Europe, during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It played a significant role in the transportation of logs to areas where they would be processed into lumber or other wood products.

With the advancements in transportation and infrastructure, wood rafting has largely been replaced by more modern and efficient methods of log transportation, such as trucks and barges. However, it remains a part of historical and cultural heritage in some areas, and there may still be instances of wood rafting as a tourist attraction or for traditional purposes in certain regions and Tara river is definitely one of the very rare and most beautiful for this kind of activity.

Our program includes almost 80km of most interesting part Tara river, till the very end – to the mouth with the Drina river at border of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


14 +


3 day(s)

Group size

4 +




Spring, Summer


on request €/per person

Start from Splaviste – place where all rafting tours starting, 8km from Djurdjevica Tara bridge. Our target is Radovan luka where we will sleep near the river in beautiful hotel. Dinner.
Distance: 30km
Duration: 4-6 hours

After breakfast and preparations we start our day 2. For today we need to reach Brstanovica, this is a little bit quieter part of river.
Distance: 30km
Duration: 4-6 hours

After breakfast and preparation for start of rafting, we start to enjoy most attractive part of Tara river with more than 20 rapids.
Distance: 18km
Duration: 3-4h

At the end, transfer to Zabljak.

What's included:

✔️ Zip line over Tara river canyon with spectacular views on canyon and Djurdjevica Tara bridge, before start of tour
✔️ 2 Wood rafting professional skippers
✔️ All meals during Wood rafting program
✔️ Accommodation 2 nights
✔️ Transfer from Zabljak to starting poing of program
✔️ Transfer from end point of program to Zabljak

What's NOT included:

❌ Flights to and from Montenegro
❌ Insurance during the tour
❌ Drinks
❌ Personal costs

Important Notes

  • The exact activities on the itinerary may change depending on the time of year, weather conditions and other factors beyond our control. If an activity is cancelled due to inappropriate weather conditions we will endeavor to replace this with another activity. However, clients should accept that sometimes, for reasons of safety, an activity will need to be cancelled or postponed and we may not be able to offer a similar replacement due to location or weather. Tour guide always makes the final and irrevocable decision regarding the tour – OUR TOP PRIORITY IS SAFETY OF GUESTS!
  • Keep in mind that you can be with other participants on tour. We organize exclusively private tours for 4+ participants. Our groups usually are not bigger than 8 members.
  • Keep in mind that every day our experienced guide can adapt tour – make alternatives to secure full enjoyment.
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