Responsible Travel policy

We are strongly focused on minimizing the negative impact of our tours on the environment while maximizing the benefits to local people, environment and the economy. Taking pledge for Responsible Travel, we are committed to be a responsible tour company and making a difference with our actions. We understand that responsible tourism is a constant journey, and we will continuously educate ourselves and adapt our practice to be in accordance with the principles of Responsible Travel.

 We work to maximise the benefits generated by tourism for local economy and community.

  We do this by:

  • Employing local staff and leaders within our operational teams
  • Designing and operating trips to feature local suppliers or suppliers who directly benefit the local community and economy.
  • Paying relevant taxes.
  • Encouraging our travellers to purchase from local suppliers and use local service providers, as well as supporting social enterprises, local trade, arts and crafts.
  • Purchasing sustainable and locally maded produced goods and services rather than imported products.
  • Ensuring we have fair employment practices in place (and using suppliers who have similar employment practices).


On our trips:

  • Encouraging travellers to minimise their waste and water usage on the trip.
  • Ensuring our vehicles/fleets are well maintained and fuel-efficient.
  • Eating at local eateries
  • Encouraging our suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices or choosing suppliers who already have practices in place to minimise their negative environmental and social impacts.
  • Shopping at local markets offering local produce, items, souvenirs etc.


Waste Management

 We are committed to:

  • Strengthen, among its collaborators and clients, the efficient management of waste generated.
  • Use products whose packaging is biodegradable or easily degradable.
  • We avoid unnecessary printing. Most documents are shared or distributed electronically.
  • Separate waste according to material classification and ensured proper collection.
  • Properly manage hazardous waste such as batteries, electronic equipment, etc.


Environmental Education

  • Reinforce responsible and sustainable behavior, in environmental matters, of its clients. Through preventive education.
  • Conduct visits to the protected areas of our country.
  • Inform tourists about the regulations that exist in the different protected areas.



In compliance with our commitment to the environment, we seek to make the transportation used within our tour packages as sustainable as possible, keeping in mind that the quality of our services is a paramount part of our operations, for which we recommend tourists to take the most efficient routes (e.g., preference for direct flights and avoiding stopovers) for both time and carbon efficiency:

  • We recommend tourists to take the most efficient routes (e.g., preference for direct flights and avoidance of stopovers) for both time and carbon efficiency.
  • We advise our passengers to use bus for short-haul travel.
  • We offer our customers the option of transferring to the airport or to their destination by public or private transport, in both cases they are informed of the most sustainable option, so that they can choose the most convenient one, also considering price, comfort and safety criteria.
  • We ensure that an appropriate vehicle is used for the size of the group, i.e., using transportation with the capacity corresponding to the group.
  • We contract suppliers that ensure the use of the most efficient motor vehicles, guaranteeing the greatest possible sustainability also in terms of model, performance and fuel used.
  • We are committed to transitioning to sustainable and cleaner-fueled modes of transportation, to the extent that the destination have greater supply